Friday, January 27, 2012

Westside represant in Michigan this weekend!  The Revolution Tour is hosted at Ostego Bay in the U.P.  I am very excited to test my skillz on some midwestern snow.  Hopefully the course is a little more forgiving than the last one at Copper USSA.  I hope it flows better:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is one sweet course, long too!  There are like 28 girls.  The competition is tight.  The begining of the course here will seperate the pack for sure, glad I practiced, Thanks, Stephen!  Can we say, "Wu~Tang".

Friday, January 6, 2012

TV Exposure!!

So my friend Tyler over at Summit Televison channel 8, is going to do a small documentary on me and my race season.  I did our first interview recently, it was fun.  I probably sound like a dork.  It's okay hopefully it will help me to get some sponserships for this expensive season of racing:)  I will keep everyone posted on when it will AIR...

First USASA race at Copper...

So next weekend is my first race at Copper.  Driving by Copper on the way to Vail I could see the piles of snow they are blowing to build the course.  Come out and cheer for me Sunday will be finals with qualifying on Saturday and practice on Friday.  I am very excited and I feel really ready!

No Snow, Let's go JIB it UP!!

This is my Friend and fellow racer Summer Werich ,she has a blog on Blogger as well..check it out!  

So here are my long awaited new LaMar decks!  I am so excited to see this years version of my Cranium I rode in all my comps last year.  It's just as mean looking, now hopefully it's even faster.  The other board they sent me is a Allure, it is a 157, and has a traditional camber, I'll give it a rip soon.  Hopefully I have my new race stick between the two of them...we'll see.  THANKS LAMAR!!!